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FM Tungsten is popularly known as the leading tungsten rod manufacturer of china who has been in the business for more than a decade. We have been engineering different types of tungsten rods. Tungsten is the hardest material that can be used with the hardest tools as it has a very high melting point, which means it can be used even in the hardest temperature. We, being a renowned rod manufacturer, understand the importance of tungsten rod for different applications.

Tungsten rod is known as an ideal material to make welding electrodes, thermal conductors, stirring bars for smelting, headpieces for the industries of quartz, fasteners, heavy hammers, etc. We are aware of multiple applications and uses of tungsten rods, and that’s the reason we manage to have a well-recognized space in the market as the top tungsten product manufacturer.

Quality is the Priority

Being a well-known rod manufacturer, we focus on the quality of our tungsten rods. We also welcome customers with wholesale order as we are not only a renowned rod manufacturer but also one of the leading wholesale tungsten rod suppliers of China. We check the quality of all our tungsten rods before delivering to our customers, which is always appreciated by all our customers. We never compromise quality or quantity as we are known for fulfilling all our commitments.

We have a highly qualified team who design tungsten rods according to the demand of our customers. We understand that every customer has different requirements depending on the application and uses. Hence, being the leading tungsten rod manufacturer, we mention all the details in the beginning and keep our customers updated about the consignment.

For placing an order, you can contact us at any time and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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