tungsten carbide ball for grinding

tungsten carbide ball for grinding

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Carbide with its good characters of high hardness, high wear resistance strength , good toughness, high temperature corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even under the temperature of 500 basic remains the its properties, even at 1000 degree, there is still very high hardness. Therefore carbide have been widely applied in mechanical. The physical property of cemented carbide is at least 3 times than steel. It can be made into all kinds of hard alloy steel such as carbide plate, carbide rods, tungsten carbide nozzle, carbide seal, wear parts, etc.


Tungsten carbide ball are also called tungsten steel ball and cemented carbide ball, which is made of tungsten carbide material, include properties of high hardness, high T.R.S., high corrosion and bending, are able to instead of kinds of steel balls.


Application of tungsten carbide balls:

Tungsten carbide balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as bearings, ball screws, valves, flowmeters.  TC balls are also used for coining and pivots, detents and tips for gages and tracers.  Decimal-inch size tungsten carbide balls are widely used for ballizing or hole sizing.  TC balls are also used for gauging and checking.


We can supply carbide from diameter 1~200mm, most popular grade for carbide ball is YG6 or YG8.





Product Name Tungsten Carbide TC Balls
Material Specification Typical Material composition is
5~8% Cobalt (Co)
92~95% Tungsten Carbide (WC)But other compositions are available with cobalt content up to 15% . Hardness reduces and toughness increases with increasing cobalt content.
Standard Metric and Inch size
Tolerance Sintered as blank, polished or grinding to ABMA grade tolerance,  G5, G10, G16, G100 etc. Also grinding to special request.
Grade A variety of grades that provide exceptional wear and impact resistance grades for your job. K10/K20/K30 etc.
Application Valves, Pumps, Ball Screws, Measurement Standards, Gauging, Wear Parts. Balls from this material are also used for ballizing and ball pens.




We manufacture various grades and sizes of carbide balls  competely strictly with customer’s request and drawing! We are looking forward to be your supplier!

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