tungsten stem

tungsten stem

Port: Shang hai

Payment Terms: T/T 

Supply Ability:10000 pcs/month

Place of Origin: China



Advantages of tungsten alloy:

Tungsten alloy has many special properties, such as small size with high density, high melting point, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, good extension, heat resistant, good thermal stability, easy processing, corrosion resistance, good shock resistance, high radiation absorption capacity, excellent impact and crack resistance.

Tungsten alloy stem:

There are two kinds of tungsten stem, one is tungsten filled stem. The tungsten Stem Section is comprised of a hollow cylinder which is filled with high density tungsten alloy inserts. The inserts are securely retained within the cylinder by the top & bottom subs. Tungsten provides additional mass per equivalent volume compared to standard stem made from conventional steel. Another one is just tungsten rod with two ends machined into screw thread, we usually manufacture according to customer’s drawing for this part.


  • Provide extra weight to reduce tool lift.
  • Increased weight per foot make the tool string length shorter.Rods we can supply:

Features & Benefits:

  • Internal mechanism prevents the moment of Tungsten.
  • Available in standard lengths, diameters and connection.
  • Special size and connection available on request to suit customer requirements.
  • Tools for sour service (H2S) available upon customer request.




We manufacture various grades and sizes of tungsten stem competely strictly with customer’s request and drawing! We are looking forward to be your supplier!

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