Tungsten Carbide Plate

Tungsten Carbide Plate


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Carbide with its good characters of high hardness, high wear resistance strength , good toughness, high temperature corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even under the temperature of 500 basic remains the its properties, even at 1000 degree, there is still very high hardness. Therefore carbide have been widely applied in mechanical. The physical property of cemented carbide is at least 3 times than steel. It can be made into all kinds of hard alloy steel such as carbide plate, carbide rods, tungsten carbide nozzle, carbide seal, wear parts, etc.


Application of tungsten carbide moulds:

with good durability and impact resistance, can be used in hardware and standard stamping die. Carbide plate is also widely used in electronics industry, motor rotor, stator, LED lead frame, EI silicon steel sheet and so on.


Characteristics of cemented carbide plate:


1: excellent thermal stability and high temperature deformation resistance

2: high mechanical temperature at high temperature

3: good thermal shock resistance

4: high thermal conductivity

5: excellent oxidation control ability

6: corrosion resistance at high temperature

7: excellent chemical corrosion resistance

8: high wear resistance

9: long service life



Thickness Width Length
1.5-2.0 150 200
2.0-3.0 200 250
3.0-4.0 250 600
4.0-6.0 300 600
6.0-8.0 300 800
8.0-10.0 300 750
10.0-14.0 200 650
>14.0 200 500



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