tungsten high performance rod /swaged rod

tungsten high performance rod /swaged rod

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Place of Origin: China

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Introduction of Tungsten Alloy swaged rod

Tungsten alloy rod made by through rotary forging. The methods commonly used in processing include extrusion, forging and sintering. The normal tungsten alloy rod after swaging, ultimate tensile strength and hardness would be increased greatly. The ultimate tensile strength of general tungsten alloy rod is 920 MPa, hardness is 25HRC. However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1200 MPa, hardness is 35HRC. We could even control at 1400 MPa, 40HRC. This type of rod is one of our main products. Usually the composition of this kind of products is 92%WNiFe.


Appliance of tungsten heavy alloy swaged rod

Tungsten alloy swaged rod has longer service life. Tungsten alloy swaged rod is widely used in military field, can be used as rifle bullets, armor piercing bullets, anti-equipment sniper rifle bullets. It is also can be used in machining, CNC tooling, anti-seismic mill holder etc.


Rods we can supply:

Rod Diameter:  ≥8.3mm

Rod Length:    ≤700mm

Density:       17.0-18.10 g/cm3

Surface:       Ground, Chemical Cleaned, Polished

Standard:      Mil-T-21014, AMS-T-21014, ASTM B 777

Composition:    W content: 92~95%, W-Ni-Fe

Tungsten Alloy Military Swaging Rod Main Properties:

* High density                     * High melting point

* Small volume                    * Excellent hardness

* Superior wearing resistance         * High ductility

* High ultimate tensile strength       * High temperature resistance

* Low vapor pressure


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Standards

ASTM B 777Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
Tungsten Nominal %9092.59597
Density (g/cc)16.85-17.2517.15-17.8517.75-18.3518.25-18.85
Hardeness (HRC)32333435
Utimate Tensile Strengthksi110110105100
Yield Strength at 0.2% off-setksi75757575
Elongation (%)5532


AMS-T-21014Class 1Class 1Class 2Class 2Class 3Class 3Class 4
Heat TreatmentSinteringSinteringSinteringSinteringSinteringSinteringSintering
TensileStrength (Mpa)900-1000900-1000900-1000900-1000920-1100920-1100920-1100
Elongation (%)18-2917-2716-2616-2410-228-206-13


Mil-T-21014Class1Class1Class 2Class 3Class 3Class 4




92.5%W,5.25%Ni, 2.25%Fe95%W, 3.5%Ni


95%W, 3.5%Ni


97%W, 2.1%Ni


Hardness (RC)242526272728
Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI)110,000120,000114,000110,000120,000123,000
Yield Strength, 2% Offset (PSI)80,00088,00084,00085,00090,00085,000
Elongation (% In 1“)6107775
Proportional Elastic Limit (PSI)45,00052,00046,00045,00044,00045,000
Magnetic ProperitiesNilSlightlySlightlyNilSlightlySlightly


We manufacture various grades and sizes of rods competely strictly with customer’s request and drawing! We are looking forward to be your supplier!

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