High Purity Tungsten Is Bulletproof Or Not?

High Purity Tungsten Is Bulletproof Or Not?

Tungsten plates are highly versatile and have high hardness, high-temperature resistance, and density. They undergo a high process where raw metal is put in powder form-pressed into ingots, sintered and hot rolled.  The process allows tailoring the products to meet specific buyer material and performance necessities to certify optimal performance in your application. Hot-rolled tungsten alloy plates and cold rolled tungsten sheets have higher thicknesses, widths, and lengths.

But are these tungsten materials, including shield and ring are bulletproof? This article will show how effective this tungsten alloy plate and tungsten ring is when it comes to bullet and some of its features that make the tungsten highly effective.


Some of the features of these practical tungsten alloys are:

  • Excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion,
  • Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, relatively stable chemical properties
  • not easily eroded by air.
  • They have High wearability, High hardness, high density.
  • Good electron emission properties.
  • Good high-temperature strength.
  • Mechanical properties are mainly firm by the pressure processing and heat treatment process status

Is tungsten shield bulletproof?

Tungsten is a comparatively strong material, unlike medium to high strength structural steels in tensile strength and hardness. On the other hand, tungsten is also very dense. Therefore, it cannot be considered an effective armor material.

It is radiation-resistant, fireproof, and even bulletproof. Tungsten makes excellent bullets, and it is the kind of thing that if you fire it at somebody else’s armor, which will go right through it and kill it.

Are Tungsten Rings Bulletproof?

Tungsten is the most rigid metal globally, and they are more scratchproof than any other metal used in jewelry. However, you should know about a few downsides before purchasing a tungsten wedding ring.

Most splendid hard materials are also brittle. That is why diamonds can be cut and shaped. Also, a pure tungsten wedding ring may not scratch; however, it will shatter when dropped on a hard surface. You may have seen that most tungsten jewelry is stated to as tungsten carbide. The main reason behind this is that when carbon adds to the tungsten, it stops it from being so brittle. Even a flawlessly mixed tungsten carbide ring may still break under the right circumstances although, so it’s essential to be aware of this before making your purchase.

For the most quantity, if you drop your tungsten carbide ring on a hard surface, it will just bounce and not dent, bend, or scratch. On rare times, though, it may chip or even break down.

However, this superiority has a significant benefit that can turn it into a feature and not a drawback. In high-impact circumstances (like a car accident), most soft metal rings will twist onto the finger, limiting blood flow, leading to the loss of the finger. Tungsten rings won’t. They’ll hold up under pressure, or they will shatter off the finger after riveting some of the force, thereby creating safer rings to wear.

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