Tungsten Carbide – A Material To Choose For Wedding Rings

Tungsten Carbide – A Material To Choose For Wedding Rings

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When it comes looking for a wedding ring, then the material is the main asset that either decides the ring is as durable and strong as a relationship for a lifetime, or just temporary shiny stuff? The choice of material can either make your ring look classy and appealing, or it can look unpleasing look.

Do you know what the majority of people prefer for wedding or engagement rings? Guess, gold, silver, diamond? No, the current trend is tungsten carbide rings! Yes, because the tungsten carbide is a completely different type of wedding ring that has become popular from the last recent years till now.

What is the main reason behind this high demand for tungsten carbide rings? There are two basic reasons;

First, tungsten carbide rings are highly stronger unlike titanium and another hard space-age metal.

Second, tungsten carbide or rings with tungsten carbide button has a spectacular shine which never gets dull or tarnishes, as often happens with gold or silver wedding bands. For this reason, tungsten carbide rings stand top when you ask for an excellent choice in wedding rings.

Tungsten Carbide Ring – A New Trend

Tungsten carbide is also demanded its incredible durability, this is what clicks the couples to consider this material for their big day. However, it’s extremely strong and highly durable, and this metal has a beautiful shine.

Style & Design

The Tungsten carbide ring is available in many different styles. Since its very shiny metal with smooth finishing; this feature has made many users stay adhere to this metal quite reluctantly. The rings are obtained with thorough attention to each detail so there’s no chance of any flaw or disappointment on the ring surface.

Tungsten carbide rings are often plated with gold to make them contrasted in metal colors for additional charm. The gemstones can also be added to make it more unique for a wedding ring. The solid surety of this ring is, carbide ring never loses its shape which usually happens with some of the softer metals utilized in-ring fabrication.


Cost is another factor that takes people’s attention, so do what a tungsten carbide ring, which is fair in cost, and thus comes an ultimate solution if considered for long-term benefits. It doesn’t need to get consistently cleaned or polished, neither one nee.d to repair for scratch each month

Let’s further discuss this metal as a new trend in light of the following benefits below;

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide ring is strongly resistant to wear and tear which normally happens in other metal wedding rings. Even if your couple passes five-decade together, even then tungsten carbide ring will look as good and shiny as it does you exchange each other the first time.

No need to replace the ring just in fear of bending or breaking, as the hardness of tungsten carbide is one of the toughest to top.

The hardness of tungsten carbide is what makes tungsten carbide rings resistant to skin oils, perspiration, and even chemicals in such things as cleaning products. Not only this but tungsten carbide is also used in the making of few industrial tools as well.

The hardness of metal also refers to daily wear and will be less likely to scratch the ring surface.  Tungsten carbide doesn’t react with oxygen, so it won’t become dull or tarnished superficially. Yes, your wedding ring will retain its shine and beauty for bits.

Overall, the cost of the ring you invested in is worth years!

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