Tungsten Ball: A Crucial Material For Men’s Jewellery

Tungsten Ball: A Crucial Material For Men’s Jewellery

Tungsten ball, or tungsten carbide ball, is used in making men’s Jewelry. In fact, there’s a difference between tungsten ball and tungsten carbide ball, which contains a high amount of Tungsten; just thing is, extra addition of cobalt gives it properties that distinguish it from actual Tungsten.

The tungsten carbide ball is also called a hard alloy ball, which refers to a ball made of WC powder with binders including; cobalt and nickel. Also, it’s famous for its high hardness, corrosion resistance, incredible wear resistance, and bending resistance.

Tungsten metal is recently initiated in making Jewelry, and it becomes successful, especially for Men since it’s the most brutal metal used in Jewelry. Tungsten is tough 8.5-9 on the Mohs scale (Diamond is 10), making it ideal for Rings and Bracelets. It has a pleasant thick feel to the metal and arrives in a characteristic delicate dark tone, or it can likewise come in the dark.

Why Tungsten for Men’s Jewelry?

As we discussed before that it’s a rigid material, so it isn’t simpler to scratch. Tungsten, when cleaned, produces a mirror finish which is one of its most desirable properties, not at all like different metals; this completion won’t ever blur.

Not only this but Tungsten can also be used with an applicator due to its high melting point. The tungsten alloy ball is versatile enough to use with other metals like; Nickel or Iron; this brings a sort of refinement in properties, making it unbrittle and easy for processing.

 Tungsten Ball Vs. Tungsten Carbide Ball

Many people are confused about what a tungsten ball is? Is it another name of tungsten carbide ball, or different? Well, the Tungsten ball is also known as Tungsten Alloy Ball.

A general term used for the balls, the contiguity of understanding the reason for calling tungsten ball, is much dominant, or should we say, matters more than exact names. The highest density of Tungsten is 19.2g/cm3

Among the Tungsten balls, the tungsten Carbide Ball is popularly the hardest and wear-resistant for solid applications. The carbide balls are much of the time utilized in valves, heading, ball screws, tracers, flowmeters, tips for gages, and to give some examples.

What is a Tungsten Carbide ball?

The tungsten carbide sphere refers to a ball made from WC powder with binders including; nickel, cobalt, etc.; the TC ball is demanding for its incredible wear, high hardness, corrosion resistance, and bending resistance.

This makes it best for applications that need to endure even in critical conditions. Besides, the Tungsten carbide balls, including; carbide balls as “finished carbide balls” and “sintered,” are generally classified based on surface finish level.

Never get confused in tungsten and tungsten carbide balls; both aren’t interchangeable. The tungsten carbide contains a high amount of Tungsten, but the addition of cobalt gives it properties that are different from actual Tungsten.

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